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Tech Support plz!

Posted: Sunday, May 11th, 2003, 9:31:45pmUTC (2003-05-11T21:31:45+00:00UTC)
by CrazyCastro
Hi, you guys sponsor my gaming clan "ice" (
i have been having many problems with cpanel and mysql lately.
for phpnuke i am required to create a database, i did so but under cpanel it only recognizes that i have one mysql database used (which should actually be two) and the all the space parameters and so on is wrong. in phpmyadmin i am fine, it recognizes all my dB's but in cpanel it doesn't and i cannot create users/databases, root recently installed phpbb for me, he configed mysql fine, it displays in cpanel, but when i do it nothing happens, phpmyadmin will recognize the dB but cpanel won't and it won't let me create users and so on, please help me...!

Re: Tech Support plz!

Posted: Tuesday, May 13th, 2003, 11:00:10amUTC (2003-05-13T11:00:10+00:00UTC)
by Root
It's all worked out now. If anyone else has that problem where they don't see changes they've just made, delete your 'Temporary Internet Files' and change Internet Explorer Options so it checks for newer versions of stored pages 'Every visit to the page' or 'Every time you start Internet Explorer'. If you have other browsers do the equivalent for yours.