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my domain http://itsakingdomthing isnt working with the hosting the domain is hosted by 1&1 and i purchased a hosting package fromy ou guys
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Re: Problem

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ghofer wrote:my domain http://itsakingdomthing isn't working with the hosting the domain is hosted by 1&1 and i purchased a hosting package from you guys

After conversing with you via IM, I believe this is resolved now.

When visiting a new domain name, it is important to set the DNS servers before attempting to access the domain. Waiting until the after DNS have been set before attempting to access the domain name prevents you from having to wait through the refresh interval period, a specific amount of time your computer waits before refreshes its DNS cache. If access is attempted before correct DNS servers are set, your computer would cache the "bad", out-dated or otherwise non-functional DNS request result until the refresh interval has passed. When your computer goes through the refresh interval time period, it is forced to initiate a new DNS request to find the latest IP address that your domain name is hosted on. If the change was made well after your domain was already set for our DNS servers, then it would take a maximum of 3 hours for you to see the full effects of the DNS modification. For DNS changes outside of our network, in this case at 1&1, you may have to wait 24 to 72 hours for the update to completely propagate throughout the Internet. After the initial 24 to 72 hour period times out and your PC and/or ISP is forced to refresh the DNS lookup, you should have full access to your domain name from the computer that could not do so before.

A common "fix" for this is to completely clear your browser cache, close all browser windows, and reboot your computer. Sometimes a reboot is not necessary if you instead flush the DNS Resolver Cache on your computer.

P.S. For technical support please send inquiries to the support e-mail address or our IM contacts. The forums are meant to be supplemental to regular support methods and not the primary means of requesting help.

If you still need further assistance, please let me know via the aforementioned methods.
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