Anti Hacks for Starcraft

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Anti Hacks for Starcraft

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I downloaded a file called "MapHack Detector v1.6 Beta" that is supposed to detect map hacks in Starcraft while on I'm not really sure if it works or not. So does anyone know about this file, where I can contact the author, or get a newer version? Here's the readme file that came with the program:

Downloaded From:
The Root Underground

E-mail them to:

Run this program when you are in a multiplayer game, it
will detect any map hacks that are being use in the
game except for yours.

Enjoy and have fun...

Howard Shih

I tried contacting the author but I got an email back saying it couldn't be delivered. So does anyone know anything about this anti hack or where I can find more anti hacks for Starcraft? Thanks for any help.
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