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httpd.conf ........

Post by cindys5 »

I am a hosting reseller. I have a client (I had another one that finally just left my hosting because I couldn't get her an answer and I don't want this one to leave also) who is having trouble. This is what she wrote me tonight:

For 2 days I ahve tried getting into SSS by Frontpage 2000 and do updates. It keeps giving me an error! This is what it says:

11/25/2005 20:45:24
Server error: The server extensions were unable to access the file "httpd.conf". Please check the file permissions.

I get it when I click the SSS site addy and it usually gives me the user name password box I clcik it and I am in. Not now!

I can get into FNF & Onionring art but not SSS. I sadly need to do updates to products! Please help me?

Thank you,
I host 3 websites for her.
Do you know why she is getting this error message about "httpd.conf"....?
The last person that got this said she did a search and contacted microsoft (I think is who it was) and was told that it had soemthing to do with her ISP server and the server she was hosted on not working together or something. One was Apache and one was Linux or something. However, this can't be the case because this woman has 3 websites, should be using the same ISP and she says she can get into 2 but not all three of the sites. I have installed frontpage extensions on her site. Please help.
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Re: httpd.conf ........

Post by Root »

After uninstalling, cleaning up, then installing FrontPage Extensions again, I was able to successfully connect and log-in to via FrontPage 2003. I went ahead and tested the other two web sites via FrontPage and was able to connect to those as well.

Please try to find out if your client still receives the same message and if yes, then what exact steps are they taking so I can try to replicate the problem. If I can replicate it, then I have something to go on and can then take the necessary steps to resolve it.

You may still post further information here, but please send a copy of it to support <AT> as well to make sure I receive it. It helps to give as much information as possible about a problem, and I appreciate you giving the domain name that was having the problem now so I could test the specific account and investigate further.
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