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web design

Post by benji »

i make websites if anyone is interesting, im not that bad at gfx....check out http://www.lod.trunetworks.com/example1/index.html or http://www.lod.trunetworks.com/clanxp/index.html (the clan died, still have their site :twisted: ) email me if your interested.
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Post by Roqu »

u suck .. plain and simple :roll:
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Re: web design

Post by Root »

Awww, that's mean, j00 bastard! lol
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Have you looked at my main page? I think it sucks quite a bit, but it does what I need.
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Post by swat- »

i r l33t at making sites :P
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Post by aphex »

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Post by SuPaTiTaNmAn »

Fuck yall make me feel bad, I cant even make a site on yahoo :( what programs do yall make sites on and what programs are required to make sites on pleez l8r :idea:
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Post by Deranged »

http://www.clankoa.com/gallery 2 hrs total time spent on all
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Post by Paul »

Deranged wrote:www.clankoa.com/gallery 2 hrs total time spent on all
Looks like you spent one minute in Xara 3D.
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